3-24-2016/IMRT Day 1

Today was my 1st of 28 radiation treatments.  I will be given 1.8 Grays of radiation per day for a total of 50.4 Grays.  Add that to the 21 Grays I got already, I will have a total of 71.4 Grays.  The radiation will be to my prostate, prostate bed and lymph nodes.  That is to help kill any of those aggressive cancer cells that may have tried to move to other parts of my body.

I got there at 11:00 AM, after drinking a very large thurmos of water to fill my bladder. They showed me the Men’s waiting room and my cubby storage for my “shorts”. Actually they are the over sized blue paper hospital shorts. She put my last name on my cubby.  That will be mine for the next 27 more days (Monday through Friday).  They change the shorts each Friday.

RO Locker Room3

RO Locker Room1 RO Locker Room2

I walked past the large 6 inch thick radiation doors into the room that I will see for the next 28 days.  I got on the treatment bed and my previously fitted pants were already on the bed.  They adjusted me some more and started the process.  Today was a little longer because they double check the tattoo markers and measurements with the green laser lights that have a cross right above my prostate. The machine hums and starts to move around me.

RAJust before they were done, the tech came in and put two more tiny tattoos just above my pelvis.  I guess they needed some more for accuracy. Okay by me, I want them as accurate as possible.  I wouldn’t care if the tattooed a line all the way around me.  I was all done and could go #1 – what a relief.

So onward with the journey….  cropped-favicon.jpg