3-8-2016/HDR Update – Zometa

Well it has been one week since my high dose radiation.  I am still sore in the undercarriage area, if you know what I mean.  I have had multiple side effects from the procedure. I have seen many commercials on TV that says “if you have painful urination” and I would think, how do you have painful urination, it just comes out. Well I know what they mean now!  They looked into my bladder with a camera (guess where they went in to see my bladder).  They also gave me a foley catheter. The urethra damage from those processes really hurts.  They gave me a prescription to help with the pain.  Now my urine is a nice supper dark orange.  I have to spray the toilet each time because it will stain it.  I will spare you the picture.

I also had my monthly visit with my Medical Oncologist today.  So for today, they gave me an I.V. of Zometa.  This is the medicine that helps prevent my bone density loss.  It took about 30 minutes for the stuff to slowly drip into my arm.

Zometa IV 3-8-2016

Next it was the 4 vials of blood to check my PSA level and all the other levels that matter each month.  Getting used to all the blood draws. cropped-favicon.jpg