3-9-2016/IMRT Planning

I woke up really sore today.  I guess it is from the Zometa I.V. I got yesterday at my Medical Oncologist office.  The nurse said I would feel it in my bones for several days. Well she was right. My tail bone hurts the worst and I am walking like an old man because I feel it in my pelvis and knees.

So for today’s adventure, I went to Coastal Communities Cancer Center in Ventura.  In that building is the Cabrillo Radiation Oncology Medical Center where I will be having my Image Guided Radiation Therapy (aka IMRT or IGRT) by Dr. Fogel.  This is low dose radiation done daily over a 4 or 5 week period.

Today they are going to do the planning for that radiation process. So I was to drink a lot of water so that my bladder is full, but also make sure my rectum is empty.  Not a easy thing.  Go #2, but save #1.  I drank a very large thermos of water 15 minutes before I got there.  They put me on a scanning bed in front of a large CT scanner. Here they lined up some laser beams to my waist.  They also fitted me with my own air bean bag pants thing.  After I am laying on the bean bag, they fit it on me and then suck the air out.  Now it is formed to my legs so that I am in the same position every time on the radiation table.

IMRT Air Bean Bag Pants
IMRT Air Bean Bag Pants

Then they did a CT scan to check where the gold fiducials ( 3 gold markers placed in my prostate last week) are located in my prostate and then lined up to the laser beams.  After it seemed that everything was set, the tech marked my body with 3 little tattoos. Yup, permanent marks so the laser beams can find the spots again. It was a little needle that she puts tattoo ink on and sticks me.

In IMRT "Pants" with Tattoo
In IMRT “Bean Bag Pants” with Tattoo
IMRT Tattoo Dot
One of the IMRT Tattoo Dots (not the lines)

After all that was done, I was able to go to the bathroom!

So now I wait for Dr. Fogel to call me with the actual dosage and number of days I will need the radiation.  This radiation will be for my prostate, prostate bed and lymph nodes in the area.  That way we zap any cancer cells that may have tried to leave my prostate and take residency somewhere else in my body.  Another treatment that is essential when you have an aggressive cancer diagnosis.

Until next time.  cropped-favicon.jpg