9-30-2016: MRI Scheduled

I know it has been awhile since I lasted posted.  I have been dealing with the same bowel issues all month. Well actually I guess for the last five months.  It really does suck.  So I got the abdominal MRI approved by Blue Shield and I have that next Thursday.  This should be the last of the three test so that my GI doc knows what is going on.  I have this feeling, as I am sure some of us do when faced with this unknown, that nothing will be found and I will just suffer along until it fixes itself.

My next Medical Oncologist appointment is Tuesday.  I will have my normal blood draws and my Lupron shot.  I am back to monthly shots of that testosterone reducing shot.

On the bright side, I have a friend I made in my support group in West Lake Village.  He is starting chemo and wants to buy my mitts and boots that I used during my chemo.  I spent $400 on those so I am glad to sell them to another patient in need.  I gave him a deal and sold them for $200.  I hope to never need them again.

I will update after my MRI and followup appointment with my GI doc.