10-20-2016: GI Doc Update & Another Issue

So I went to see my Gastroenterologist.  She told me that they didn’t see anything unusual on the MRI for my bowels.  She diagnosed me with Radiation Enteritis and Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome.  That was a new term for me.  She stated that she wants me to start a new antibiotic called Xifaxan.  Apparently it is a fairly expensive antibiotic and will need approval from Blue Shield.  She stated that it has very little side effects – sure.  I haven’t had anything yet that doesn’t.  But I will give it a try.  I read up a little more of the Bacteria Overgrowth also called Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome (SBBOS).  So it seems that I got the Radiation Enteritis, and that lead to the Small Bowel Obstructions and Diarrhea.  With months of diarrhea, it lead to the bacterial overgrowth.  So one thing lead to another.  Still, I was a little dismayed that she didn’t try to give me any other education while in the office or suggest some additional diet things to try and stop the overgrowth.  I had to read it on my own and I am wondering if I am getting the care that I want.  With that, I made an appointment at UCLA and their Division of Digestive Diseases.  I feel like I am doing all the work on this.  That appointment is on November 9th.  I will update again after the antibiotic and the appointment.

Now the next issue… my left shoulder.  So last year around April my shoulder was hurting as I tried to lift it and at night. So much so that I went to the ER one Saturday morning.  That ER doc (at Kaiser), put me in a sling and referred me to an Orthopedic doctor.  Well in that healthcare system, it takes two months to see an Ortho doc.  So it was not until June when I went in.  In that time, my shoulder slowly had less and less motion and lots of pain. When I finally got to see the Ortho doc, the first thing the doc says is they should have never put you in a sling, that just makes it freeze up more.  Which is why he said I had Frozen Shoulder.  He told me I may have some underlying issues, but that he couldn’t do anything except give me a shot and refer me to physical therapy.   That seemed to help and then the PCa thing took over my life. Well in June I started to have shoulder pain again.  I started to do exercises like I did before but that didn’t help. The pain actually is constant.  So I made an appointment with an Ortho doc again.  He told me it was not a frozen shoulder again and sent me to get an MRI.

Here is a picture of my MRI


Well I just got the report back and here is what it says:

1: Focal intrasubstance tear within the distal footplate of the anterior supraspinatus tendon involving 50-60% of the tendon thickness.

2: 2. Mild subacromial-subdeltoid bursitis. Mild acromioclavicular osteoarthritis with associated capsular hypertrophy.

3: Mild biceps tendinosis and tenosynovitis.

Just reading it makes my arm and shoulder hurt.  So a damn tear… I understand that they typically want to do surgery for anything over a 50% tear.  I have my follow up appointment with the Ortho doc on Monday.  I will see what his game plan is.  Then I have to pass that on to my Medical Oncologist to see if he is okay with that plan.

Well the hits just keep on coming.

I will update again next week.  Onward….