10-7-2016: Another Lupron Shot & MRI Done

Last Tuesday, I went to my monthly Medical Oncologist appointment.  Blood was drawn and the port in my chest was flushed.  That needs to be done every 45 days.   The doctor and I are both happy to see that my red and white blood cell counts are up to reasonable levels.  Which means they are now just above the minimum levels.  He is concerned about my continuing bowel issues. While there, he tried to call my Radiation Oncologist in Ventura to discuss them.  Unfortunately he is on vacation.  He stated he will also talk to my GI doctor to discuss.  At this point, the only active cancer treatments I have going on is the hormone therapy.  So with that, I got another 30 day Lupron shot in my hip.

As I mentioned before, Thursday I had my MRI done.  Actually the proper term is MR Enterography (MR enterography is a special type of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) performed with a contrast material to produce detailed images of the small intestine.)  After I checked in, I had to drink 3 bottles of this liquid that makes my small intestines show up better on the MRI.  I had one hour to drink all 3 which got a little rough with the last one.  Unfortunately, I was still having diarrhea and had to go to the bathroom multiple times while waiting.   I was wondering how I was going to lay in the machine for 45 minutes or so.

So I got through the MRI without running to the bathroom.  The tech put an IV in my arm, which was a little tough in that I was dehydrated after 5 days of diarrhea.  Too bad they couldn’t use my port.  Half way through they added some additional contrast through that IV.

Below is the actual image from my MR enterography.

mri_19Looks crowded in there.  Man I hope they find the issue.  It is getting very tiring dealing with alternating bouts of constipation and diarrhea.  I especially don’t want to go to the hospital again for a small bowel obstruction.

My follow up appointment is Thursday the 13th with my GI doctor. I will update again after that.

Onward… cropped-favicon.jpg