11-28-2016: Getting Better!

Things are getting better!

After my visit with Dr Weiss at UCLA, he put me on a program to help heal the radiation damage.   If I don’t get any constipation build up, then the area can heal.  I am keeping things running through with high doses of laxatives.  I have to have many more restroom breaks but it is not diarrhea.  I have not had any constipation or abdominal pain or back pain in two weeks so that is why I said things are better. I have to stay on this program for a few more weeks.  After that I can see if I back off if the same problem occurs.  If so, I need to keep on the program.

So readers, I am just staying the course with my monthly Lupron shots and daily casodex.  I am staying on my part time work schedule because of the fatigue. And of course, I still have my shoulder to deal with after the new year.  So that is the update.  I have my monthly meeting with my Medical Oncologist tomorrow. Thanks for reading and take care.