12-15-2016: UCLA Visit Update

On Monday Marcy and I went to UCLA to see Dr Run YU, an Endocrinologist.  They got my A1C blood test from Quest Diagnostics and it was normal. At least I don’t have any diabetes problems hanging over my head. We had some discussions with the doctor about my low drops in my blood glucose that seems to be happening out of the blue.  In some cases, my glucose has dipped as low as 38.  That is dangerously low and I feel like I am going into coma land when that happens.  A few other times I am in the low 50s and it is a bad feeling. I can barely make it to the fridge and grab some juice and proteins to snap out of it. I have to get this problem fixed. The doctor discussed two possibilities of these hypoglycemic episodes:  #1) benign tumors in the pancreas that is causing the issues; #2) reactive hypoglycemia from food intake that my body is not in sync digesting and therefore releases too much insulin.

So the plan is to deal with the easiest of the two possible issues which is number 2.  He wants me to try some new breakfast bars that digest very slowly and helps to reduce the symptoms I am having.  He recommended bars by Extended Nutrition. He also wants me to follow a hypoglycemic diet where I don’t eat carbs alone but with proteins that help level the blood sugar over the day.  I am to do this for the next 90 days and if no issues, then we found the problem. If it does continue then we will search for the problem related to #1 above.

I just got the bars today and I am starting on them tomorrow.  I also started changing my diet per his guidance.  One thing he told me not to do is eat a bowl of ice cream!  What the hell!   I love ice cream.  This will be tough.  Wish me luck!

Yes it does seem like I keep getting hit with weird things during this prostate cancer treatment journey. Well I guess it makes my blog more interesting for you readers.  🙂