12-5-2016: Blood Glucose Issues

Last week I visited my Medical Oncologist for my monthly visit.  We did the blood draws and and flushed my chest port.  After that we talked about my care.  I told him that I have had success with the bowel program that Dr Weiss at UCLA put me on so that is a plus. One item that Marcy brought up was my blood glucose levels either crashing or going really high randomly.  As an example she explained, on the weekend we walked the dog and I told her I wasn’t feeling well and we stopped the walk short.  She went to do something and I went to the kitchen.  By the time she walked in, I was sitting down with my head hanging down, my mouth slightly open and I couldn’t move my legs.   She asked if I was alright.  I told her no and to get the blood glucose monitor.  She did the test and I was in the low 50s.  She got some orange juice for me and I ate some ham.  It was really weird and if she wasn’t there, I really don’t know what would have happened as I couldn’t really think or move.  So that has happened to me a few times over the last couple of months. The doctor took my A1C measurement in June and stated that it was normal.  So he recommended I go see an Endocrinologist.  He recommended one in Ventura that he knows but she is a one doctor office and is booked for 2 months.  Plus they had me on hold for 25 minutes before I had to hang up.  I started thinking, how good of service and I going to get there?   So instead I called UCLA for and appointment.  They have availability next week.  So I think it was a good call.

So who knows what lurks inside causing this issue.  It is a little scary so I guess I got to get it checked out.