12-6-2016: The Cost Of Prostate Cancer!

Cost of Prostate Cancer:

I have detailed my journey this year, probably too much detail at times, but it is to help me and update my friends and family. So for today’s post I thought I would add a couple of things related to the cost of my prostate cancer this year.

cost-picAs you can see above, total claims submitted to BlueShield this year is $262,776.03.  My responsibility of that is $8,859.90.  That is through today.   My total out of pocket is supposed to be $2,500 but there are items, such as the DNA test my Medical Oncologist ordered that is not covered.   What would I have done without insurance?   My total cost since my diagnosis is over $300,000.

Pills Taken This Year:

I also thought I would add a picture of all the pills I have had to take this year.

Pills taken this year.

Those little flat things in the picture are the Neulasta auto injectors that they stuck on my stomach after each chemo treatment. Some of the pills are taken to counteract the other pills or shots I get. The boxes are Zofran, which is anti-nausea pills. I keep one in my pocket at all times.  With the radiation damage I have to my small bowels, I still get the occasional nausea. The pills help.

That is my update for today.