1-17-2017: Post Chemo Hair

It has been awhile since I last posted.  It was the holidays and I was trying to relax.  We actually got away for the holidays.  I am definitely not the travelling man I use to be.  We have to make sure we have plenty of time for me to rest during the day and if I do something that is physically exerting, I will probably be out for the rest of the night and extra tired the next day.  It is the way of life for now.

Now onto why I named my post “post chemo hair”.  Prior to chemo, my hair was very straight and flat against my head and very grey in the back.  I commented to my wife that my hair looked like Mike Pence, the incoming Vice President of the US.   Now my hair is extremely wavy and darker – at least less grey.  It is so different, I find myself touching my hair subconsciously. It doesn’t feel like my hair.  My wife says it is like touching another man’s head!

So I thought I would add a picture to show you what I mean…

My Wavy & Dark Post Chemo Hair

I did read something about your hair coming in different after chemo but I didn’t pay too much attention to it.  Well… I am living it. For now I am following the two UCLA doctors on my two other issues with the reactive hypoglycemia and my radiation enteritis issues with my small bowels.   So I am just trudging along.

That is it my friendly readers…  Take care.