6-1-2017: 1st Day of Remission

People!  I am done!  Well at least with my primary cancer treatments.  It was a long 18 months.  I went through the ringer for sure.  However I read what others have gone through for longer or have a stage 4 diagnosis and it puts it into perspective for me.  As for me I am happy.  Not 100% happy as I do have some lasting side effects that I have explained before.  But my cancer control is great.  Now I go on a 3 month cycle of PSA test to make sure it all worked.  I also have to let the hormone therapy wear off which takes about 6 to 9 months as my testosterone comes back – hopefully to a normal range.

In July I go and get my port removed from my chest.  It helped a lot on the chemo treatments and any time I was in the hospital, it was right there for the nurses to use.  Easier than sticking needles in my arms or hands.

So now I move onward.  Yes, this cancer diagnosis will be in the back of my brain forever. I know that as a G9 high risk guy that I may never be out of the woods, but at least for now, remission is the word of the day.  Last PSA was 0.03.   I am happy to have this behind me and for my wife who was my caretaker when I went through it all. It is tough on a spouse too.  I did gain a wonderful dog who was my faithful companion during all the days I did not feel well or was laid up in bed.  He curled by my side and comforted me.  I also would worry about him instead of worrying about myself.  It also made me get up and walk him.  That always helps.

So if you have read this blog, and you have questions, or just say hi, send me an email.  I will pay it forward for all the help I got at the start of this almost 3 years ago.

Take care. -JR