9-15-2017: Update

I thought I should put out another update since I just had my first 3 month checkup.  It is weird, there is this anxiety about going to get a PSA test now.  I just went through all this treatment, and I just can’t imagine starting up again.  That would suck.   So I went in for my check-up.  I discussed with my Medical Oncologist, Dr Turner, about my current side effects, the Chronic Radiation Enteritis and Dysuria.  He is hoping I have some relief of symptoms after the 24 month when my radiation stopped. I am 16 months past now. So maybe some relief by May.  I can only hope!   I got my blood taken and then left.  I anxiously awaited my test results, both for my PSA and testosterone level.

So I got the test results:

PSA:  0.09 up from 0.03

Testosterone: 71 up from 39

So some good news and bad news there.  It is not a good thing that the PSA tripled.  But it is just a single test.  It would have to go up 3 times in a row to be a bad trend.  But there is still anxiety that occurs. I would be lying if I said it didn’t bother me. Below is my PSA chart of my tests for this year. No test in July and August.

My 2017 PSA Levels

For the testosterone, it is climbing.  Chemical castrate levels are less that 50 ng/dl.  I am at least above that now.  Minimum normal levels are 300 ng/dl.  So I have a way to go.

So my next appointment is December.  Funny, now I am anxious for that appointment.