12-18-2017: Update

I had my 3 month oncology visit on the December 7th.  This visit was unique in that my brother Virgil went with me.  For this visit, I had my normal blood draws plus an infusion of Zometa to help with my bone density.  As usual, I discussed with Dr Lam my normal post treatment side effects of Chronic Radiation Enteritis and Dysuria.  Dr Lam is a little less of a ray of sunshine like Dr Turner in that he says I could deal with these issues for the rest of my life.  Nice. But he is just trying to have me mentally prepared if the side effects continue. There was another gentlemen there getting some infusions in the chair next to me.  He had a recurrence and is trying to fight the disease as it continues to spread around his bones. He is trying an immunotherapy treatment called Provenge.  Looks promising.  It is a very strange feeling to be in a chair next to a guy treating his stage 4 cancer knowing that he went through the same treatment program I just went through.  You tell yourself “I hope that is not me in 5 to 10 years” but the fact is that 25 to 30% of prostate cancer guys have a recurrence.  So you just go on and try not to let that little voice in the back of your head bug you.  As for the Zometa treatment, I hate it.  It comes with a couple days of bone pain that always makes me curl up. Sucks.  I hope it is working.  I go in for a bone density scan this month to see if the hormone treatments had negative effect on my bones… at least more than they expected.  Normal is 10% density loss.

So I got the test results:

PSA:  0.19 up from 0.09

Testosterone: 198 up from 71

So my psa went up again.  The fact that I still have a prostate could account for the psa.  Dr Lam tells me he will be more concerned if I get to 0.50 as that would be more than my radiated prostate should give out.  We will continue to monitor it and I will post the results here.

My 2017 PSA Levels

For the testosterone, it to a big jump, more than doubled. That is good news.  I do feel better and the hot flashes are just about gone now. So good news!  Damn I hated those hot flashes and night sweats.  I still have some fatigue but that will get better as time goes on.  For now, things moving in the right direction.

My next appointment is March. I will update you all then!