Update: 3-8-2018

I had my 3 month oncology visit on March 8th.  I originally tried to change it to the 7th because another friend from Cleveland, Ohio was going in for his 1st chemo visit and I wanted to see him for support, but they were to busy that day.

This time Marcy went with me to the appointment.  She wanted to make sure I talked to the doctor about some rectal bleeding I was having.  It was happening for about 3 days about a week earlier but then stopped.  I guess there are a few reasons it could happen but she wanted to make sure the doctor knew.  Like I wouldn’t say anything? (Guess she was worried I wouldn’t remember).

I filled out my usual paperwork, which is the prescriptions page, the urinary health page and the sexual health questionnaire.  All of these are to get a picture of how things are going during and post treatment.  After that they drew my couple of vials of blood.

Then the visit with Dr Lam.   We discussed my recent bone density scan.  After 18 months of ADT, my bone density was slightly worse. When they give it you the report, it give you an age that your bone density is equivalent to. My lower spine was equivalent to an 87 year old and my left and right hips were equvalent to 102.  Yup, 102. I need strength training and I need to start running somehow. My left heal doesn’t want to cooperate on the fast walking or running.  So I know I have to do something about that.  I guess I have to get my weights out of storage and start pushing them around!

Next we talked about the bleeding.  He thinks I may have Radiation Proctitis.   That is where the radiation kind of burns your rectal wall and it can bleed.  That is great, another radiation issue from the external radiation treatment.  I get to add that to the radiation enteritis I already have.  So Dr Lam wants me to get a colonoscopy to confirm his suspicions.  I will call UCLA and go have it done down there since I have seen a really good Gastroenterologist, Dr Weiss.

So I got the test results:

PSA:  0.22 up from 0.19

Testosterone: 205 up from 198 (not much of an increase)

So my psa went up again but very little.  That is great news so it looks like my testosterone slowed down and now my PSA slowed with it. So I can stop worrying for now.  Although to be honest, I would like my testosterone to be closer to 300.

My 2017 /18 PSA Levels

My next appointment is June. I will update you all then!