Update: Checkup 6-7-2018

I had my 3 month oncology visit on June 7th.  Before the appointment, I found out that my friend and Cancer Support Community board member had his appointment a hour before mine. We decided to meet up after for a quick lunch there in Marina Del Rey.

Same process… fill out the questionnaires, get blood drawn, and see my Oncologist Dr. Lam.  However this time he wanted me to give a blood sample so that I can have my DNA checked for deficiencies like BRCA and BRCB, etc. This test can be use as an indicator that I might have issues down the road.  BlueShield apparently will pay for it depending on my circumstances related to cancer with relatives.  I have had several relatives such as my father and uncle die of cancer so it was approved to be paid.  I will give a followup on that on my next update.

My Colonoscopy results were in… I have Radiation Proctitis. Nice. Whats a little blood now and then in your stool!  As Dr Lam puts it, I got a little fried from the external radiation treatments.  I just hope that doesn’t cause more GI cancer issues down the road.  I hear my risk is moderately higher for a secondary cancer, such as bladder or rectal cancer due to this external beam radiation.  This is from a published report from the National Institute of Health.  This is something we will watch for a long time.  Since I am younger, I have longer to live to get something else.  I guess I won’t worry about it now since the average time to a secondary cancer post treatment is 7 years.

So I got the test results:

PSA:  0.13 from 0.22!   Finally!  My PSA went down.  Maybe now I don’t have to worry about it so much.  That is a great sign my friends!

Testosterone: 335 up from 205! More great news… I am strong like bull now!

My next appointment is September. I will update you all then!