Update: 9-12-18 Checkup

I had my 3 month oncology visit on September 12th.  

On this checkup, I got my Genomic DNA sequence analysis from Invitae Corp.  They checked for any deletions or duplications in my DNA from my last blood draw.  According to the report, no deletions or duplications found. So nothing to tell my kids as far as BRCA1 or BRCA2 issues that everyone seems so worried about these days.  Good news I guess.

This time Dr Lam lifts up his index finger and says “time for this”.  He was referring to the digital rectal exam or DRE as it is known.  I thought of two things immediately, one: I was not in the mood for that, and two: glad he has really small fingers.  I guess no man with prostate cancer is in the mood for a DRE, but they are part of the process to feel for any lumps.  So a quick visit to another room and DRE done quickly. 

So I got the test results:

PSA:  0.17 up from 0.13   My PSA went up slightly.  I am not concerned at this point unless it keeps going up past my high of 0.23.  So doing well.

Testosterone: 322 down from 332!  Basically flat.  Hopefully that stays the course as well.

My next appointment is December. I will update you all then!