Update: 3-6-2019

I had my 3 month oncology visit on March 6th, 2019. 

PSA:  Well my psa jumped up to 0.24. That is a 41% increase. It is the highest score since I got off of hormone therapy in June 2017. It has been reported that a “bounce” in PSA between 12 and 24 months could be a normal phenomenon after radiation therapy. I suspect that the 0.22 level that happened in early 2018 was a bounce, especially since it went down, but I have not read that bounces occur 3 years post radiation. At this point it is just a jump and it will be more important to see what my June test will be.

Testosterone: I had a big jump in testosterone from 249 to 444. That is a great increase. Must be the reason for the increased hair growth on my back!

My next appointment is June. I will update you all then!