UPDATE: 10-16-2019

So a lot has been going on since my last update. I have had another doc appointment I didn’t update but more importantly I had another small bowel blockage (SBO). It was in August and it is a brutal process to clear those in the hospital. It takes 48 hours on a nasal gastric tube and it hurts… a lot. I was not happy that this happened again. I started to seek additional GI support at UCLA. Unfortunately I met with a GI doc in Thousand Oaks who told me that I just need to eat more fiber. WTF! I told him I have radiation interitis. The standard for this issue is not to pack fiber into your bowels that will get blocked up due to the motility issue. He obviously thought it was just constipation and I needed to eat more fiber and move on. He actually pissed me off. I realized later that he probably doesn’t have that much experience in radiation damage issues. I also reached out to my primary doc at UCLA for more help. Online at the healing well site, I put out a post that explained my issues and what have others done. There were a few guys with similar issues of radiation proctitis, radiation enteritis & radiation cystitis. They all had hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Based on that I asked for a referral to UCLA since they had a large chamber and actually published a paper on HBOT and positive effects for radiation issues.

UCLA Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Well I got the referral and Blue Shield green lighted 40 sessions. So as I type, I am sitting in a hotel room 7 miles from UCLA and I am on my 12th treatment today. I need to go Monday through Friday for 40 days. It has been a grind, but I am hoping this helps. It has been 3 years of abdominal pain, 2 SBOs, and all the other effects of these issues. This is in lieu of a surgery solution.

Last week on had my 4 month checkup at my oncologist. My PSA is back at 0.17 so not bad. Better than being in the 0.2s . So not much to worry about for now.

That is my update. Onward!