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This site is a journal of my prostate cancer journey.   I was diagnosed on September 22, 2015. It was a year long journey just to get to a diagnosis, as you will read.  It started with a simple PSA test after my 50th birthday.

I made this site so that I can inform family and friends on my progress. I also think it is therapeutic for me.  So read what you want. Send me questions if you wish with the email at the bottom of this page.  I currently attend the Prostate Cancer Networking Group at the Westlake Village Cancer Support Community center.  I am known as CALIJR on the HealingWell  ( and USToo ( prostate websites.

If you want to start from the beginning, then start with the Annual Check Up link below, or you can just read the latest Post.

My Prostate Cancer Journey – Starting From The Beginning

Annual Check Up and my 1st PSA Test
2nd & 3rd PSA Test
1st Biopsy
4th PSA Test
2nd Biopsy
Levofloxacin & 5th PSA Test
6th PSA Test & MRI
Color Doppler Ultrasound
Cancer Diagnosis
2nd Opinion
What Did I Learn So Far
Dr Appts & Treatment Options 
Antibiotic Issues
Treatment Decision
Treatment Timeline
Bone Scans Done
Hormone Therapy Started
ER Visit

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Healing Well User Name: CALIJR