1st Biopsy

So I got the referral from my doctor to the local Urologist.  I have Kaiser insurance and I live in Ventura County.  They don’t have a large facility here so if you need a specialist, you are sent to an outside doctor.

So the doctor says your PSA is elevated and we need to find out why. First thing he does is a Digital Rectal Exam or DRE.


He said he didn’t feel anything unusual.  He told me that I needed to have a biopsy.  Okay.  He gave me a prescription for an antibiotic and told me to come back next week.   I took the antibiotics as prescribed and went in one week later.


So the procedure overall is very quick.   You lay on the bed, pants off and face the wall.  The doctor comes in and inserts an ultrasound wand up my rectum.  He says he is going to insert some anesthetic.  A couple of shots.  They sting.  Then he says I will hear a clicking sound.  It sounded like a loud stapler.

CLICK.  Ouch.  CLICK.  Ouch.  CLICK. OUCH! That one really stung. He said the anesthesia doesn’t numb everywhere he must put the needle.  Ummm. Okay.  CLICK.  Ouch.  CLICK.  CLICK.   Done.  That was called a 6 core random biopsy.   They told me I could get up and clean up.    Wow, there was a lot of blood.  More than I thought.  They said I would have some blood in my stool for a couple of days. Possibly some blood in my urine stream.  And of course blood in my ejaculate for up to several weeks or months.  Marcy snapped a photo of the needle and containers used to store the samples.


Biopsy Needle

It was a sore ride home in the car.   I think Marcy and I were thinking the same thing since she said, “you know we aren’t “doing it” until the blood is gone”.   Damn!   This does suck.   I read online that it takes longer to get the blood out if you are not active.  Wow…. no one said that my ejaculate would look like motor oil!  Really.  It took a couple of long lonely weeks until all was clear. (I know, too much info but I want you to experience the journey).

I had a follow-up with the doctor a few days later.   He came into the room with Marcy and I and told us the biopsies were negative and everything was good.   He said he didn’t know why I had the high PSA, but maybe I had an infection going on in my prostate.  But he didn’t want to give me anything for it at that time.   Just take another PSA test in 6 months.  Okay.  Cool.  Done. (or so I thought).