2nd Biopsy

So I went to the urologist.  He asked me if I had sex or rode a bike before the PSA.  No I followed the rules, no sex or riding a bike several days before the PSA test.   He said he is surprised by the big jump in the number.   I said I was too.  He told me that my prostate was on the smaller side, 22 CC, so I should not be making that much PSA and that I don’t have BPH.   One symptom of BPH is that your prostate gets very large.  I asked him about the prostatitis.   He thought I didn’t have it, but maybe I could.  He thought another biopsy was in order.  But this time instead of 6 cores he wanted to do 18.   DAMN!   That is a lot of CLICK CLICK CLICK!  They call this a saturated random biopsy.  In other words, keep poking the stick in the lake hoping you catch a fish.

So I went home with another prescription and an appointment for the end of the week.  I knew what I was in for so it was a little more depressing.

Marcy and I arrived on a Friday afternoon.   After my pills and enema (oh right, did I forget to mention you need to give yourself an enema before you go in).

pc biopsy image

Same process, pants off, face the wall, doctor comes in and two of the useless anesthetic shots.  Then CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK,  CLICK, CLICK,  CLICK,  CLICK,  CLICK,  CLICK.   It was like a shooting gallery.  Some of those really stung.  Like an electric shock from your rectum all the way to head of your penis.  I am assuming those were the needles that hit some nerve in there.   I am getting a tingling just writing about it.

A few days later I went in for the follow up with the doctor.  The biopsies were negative.  All was clear.   All right!  Great!   Now what? I mean after all, I have some high numbers.  He gave Marcy a book on prostatitis.   I asked the doctor “Now What?”

He told me that after 3 months he would ask for an MRI if the PSA was still up.   Something I thought I should have had after the 1st biopsy.   But with Kaiser, you have to follow the rules:  2 negative biopsies before an MRI. At least that is what we were told.

So this time he sent me home with a prescription of Levofloxacin 500 mg.   I was to take if for 10 days and then have another PSA test on the last day.   I decided I would start the day we got back from our summer vacation.