4th PSA

So it has been 6 months.   The holidays have past, and it was now March of 2015.  I got a reminder email from Kaiser that I needed to go in and take my PSA test.  So I went in and got it done.

A couple of days later I was shocked.  The PSA came back at 6.1 and the PSA Free percentage came back at 5%. Both numbers went the wrong way in 6 months.

Okay… this sucks.  Time for me to start reading a lot more and finding out what is going on.   If you remember the last cancer.gov article on PSA Free, a percentage below 10% indicated a high chance of prostate cancer.   So mine just went from 13% down to 5%. Also my PSA went from 4 to 6.1.   This was really starting to stress me out.

My doctor got the results and sent me back to the same outside urologist in Ventura.