6th PSA & MRI

So it has taken a long time from my last appointment to finally get the referral for the MRI.  I don’t know what happened but 5 weeks went by.   In the mean time I got another PSA Test.  Yes, you guess it. It was 6.7.  So now my PSAs look like this:


In the time that I waited, I was starting to really feel the stress that I could possibly have cancer.  I started to read everything on prostate cancer. I also joined a couple social media and online boards/blogs about prostate cancer.   I knew from those that I wanted at least a 3T MRI done as that would be better imaging quality.   So I was happy when the MRI office called and said I was scheduled for a 3T MRI   (there are 2 types: 1.5 T and 3.0 T).  It was the following week. Finally, if they are going to see anything in my prostate, it will be with the more powerful MRI.

I went in and had the MRI.  It took about an hour.  At one point, they remotely inject this contrast fluid into my arm so another set of images can be done.  Overall, a lot less invasive than the 24 needles in my ass!


I asked for my own copy of the MRI.  I waited an extra 15 minutes in the waiting room.  Being the google doctor I was now (in my head anyway), I thought, I can go home and look at these and see if there is any cancer hiding in my prostate.   I got home, sat down with Marcy and we scanned all of the images.   Damn it.  I couldn’t see a thing (I guess that is why radiologist go to school for so long).  I guess I had to wait until my appointment on Monday.

So it was Monday.   Doctor appointment time.  I had an appointment at 8:30 AM.   My anxiety was high.   I was tired as I didn’t get too much sleep over the weekend.   The doctor came in and said “MRI was negative”.   They didn’t see a thing.   I said now what?   He said “Have another PSA in 6 months and we will go from there”.   I told him I was concerned about the rising PSA and lower PSA free percentage.   He stated “you have a small prostate and we did a 6 core and 18 core biopsy and we would have got something if it was cancer”.  The doctor also stated that this is the process with my insurance so we have to wait 6 months.  Can I tell you how that didn’t sit with me very well.   Okay doctor I am out of here.  Have a nice life.  I went to work and read some more.

Another guy on the healingwell.com site had the same issue as me: 2 negative biopsies and a negative MRI so he went to get another test called a Color Doppler Ultrasound.  And guess what?  One of the best doctors in the world who performs them is Dr Duke Bahn and his office is in Ventura!   I called and made an appointment.