Bone Scans Done

On Thursday, December 3rd, I went to Rolling Oaks Radiology in Oxnard to get a bone mineral density test and full body nuclear bone scan.

A bone mineral density (BMD) test is the best way to determine your bone health and to give me my baseline prior to starting hormone therapy.

The bone scan is used to see if any of the cancer has spread to my bones because the bones are one of the most common areas for prostate cancer to spread to. That would be a bad thing.


My bone density test came back with a T Score of  -1.5, meaning that I have Osteopenia. Luckily I started taking larger doses of calcium. The hormone therapy will reduce my bone strength by another 10%. My doctor will be monitoring this closely and I may have to have some additional treatments for this new diagnosis.

I also got the test results of the bone scan and they  came back negative to any cancer spread.  Finally, some good news!

My Actual Bone Scans Below


The bright spot in the middle is my bladder. As your body processes the radioactive substance for the test, it ends up in the bladder.


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