Color Doppler Ultrasound

I was able to get an appointment for the following week.   No prep, just come in.  She said it would cost $750 for the ultrasound and another $250 if he did a biopsy.  Also my biopsy cores would be sent to a pathologist and I would get charged about $800 more for that. To me the numbers weren’t lying. I needed to forget Kaiser and go get the best test I could find and Dr Bahn was it.

I had an appointment on September 22nd.   Damn, time flies. It was already over a year ago when I started this journey.   I went into the exam room.   Same process, pants down and lie down on my side. This time however another screen was in front of me also.  This was cool because I like to see what is going on.   Dr Bahn started to use the ultrasound instrument.  He was showing me areas of the prostate.   He showed me that with the random biopsies I had, the needle only goes in just shy of half way. In the peripheral zone.   So if you cancer is elsewhere, they probably won’t find it.


My Actual CDU

I noticed the doctor was marking a spot on the grey side of the screen (right).  On the left side you can see the color bunched up on top of it.  He said, John I see a problem area.  I think we should biopsy it.  I told him lets do it.   He prepped me and started the CLICKs. There was no anesthetic this time.   I figured it didn’t matter. They didn’t work before.  These needles went way farther in.  All the way up to where he marked.  Yes they had a sharp stinging feeling but at that point all I could do was watch the screen and see that the needles were going into the spots.   More needles.

More blood for more days.  Actually everything took longer to heal. Probably because of the deepness of the needles. That was it.   Time to clean up and go home and wait.