ER Visit

I can’t lie, going into the ER at 10:30PM and then getting held there for days while they pump me full of antibiotics was horrible.I actually didn’t know until each morning if I was going home. Apparently when you have chemo, you are termed “immune compromised” and when you have a fever, you may have an infection that can be fatal.  So they don’t take any chances.  They take blood cultures, hook up the saline and two antibiotics and wheel you to a room.  My understanding from the doctors is that you may have an infection and so the standard is a 10 day course of antibiotics.  The doctor at the hospital and my medical oncologist talked about my case on Tuesday morning.  They agreed that is was a low risk to send me home with some oral antibiotics so long as I got another blood test on Thursday.   The worst part of the experience was all the saline and antibiotics around the clock.  That means you have to stand up every hour and pee into a hand urinal.  They want to ensure that what is going in is coming out.  Just about on the hour mark, my bladder felt like it was really full and hurt.  This goes on around the clock.  Sleep was horrible, which the bed didn’t help with either. It was exhausting being there.  Don’t forget the bad food. Most of the time my food was only luke warm. To top all that off, the bone pain from the chemo and other drugs was constant. Many times I was fairly emotional when Marcy came in to visit me.  So my whole experience was horrible.  Yeah, it sucked, but that is behind me now.  I think I may have PTSD just from the experience.

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