Hormone Therapy Started

Friday, December 4th, I popped my first Casodex pill.  I will take that pill every day for the next 18 months.  It is standard to take casodex one week prior to getting the 2nd part of the hormone therapy which is the Lupron shot.  All of this to get my testosterone down below 20 or less.  Not looking forward to this part of the journey but I do want to start to tackle the beast inside me.

Today,  December 10th, I got the Lupron shot.  Big needle.  Since I already had a couple of hot flashes with the casodex, he gave me a prescription of neurotin in case the hot flashes become too intense with both of the hormones.  I happened to mention that I already had a crying episode just on the casodex and the doctor smiled.  He looked at my wife and they both started laughing! He stated I will have fun on the Lupron.  He said I am the first patient to ever say they got emotional on just casodex.  Great!  I am just starting the road of this emotional roller coaster.