Levofloxacin & 5th PSA Test

So 3 months had gone by.  We had our summer vacation and on the day I got back, I started the levofloxacin. I also stopped any sexual activity, just to be on the safe side.  I wanted my PSA test to be as clean as possible.

On the last day, I went and had the blood test.   I took it first thing in the morning and I had received my results by the end of day.  It was higher: 6.7!   PSA Free was still at 5%.   So the levofloxacin didn’t do a thing.  The PSA going up was not because of an infection such as prostatitis.   I read the pamphlet that the doctor gave us on the last appointment.  I didn’t have any of those symptoms.  Okay.  I am getting more anxious about all of this.

We went back to the urologist.  He said he would order the MRI “just to be on the safe side”.