PCa Diagnosis

Can I tell you the waiting is hard.   Most stress yet.  Well I got the call from the doctor on September 24th.   He told me that he got the pathology report back.  As he suspected, one of the cores was positive for cancer.   It was a Gleason 4+4=8.   19% of the core.   I didn’t stay on the phone any longer… I actually wasn’t listening anyway.   I asked him to send me the report.

J Ray PCa Dx img

Actual PCa Diagnosis From Dr Bahn Report

The Gleason 8 was shocking.  I knew from my research that it meant my cancer was on the aggressive side.   I was not happy about that at all.  Reading the report, and comparing to what a pathologist sees in his microscope, it means the cells he is looking at don’t look a lot like normal prostate cells.


So my score meant that the pathologist saw from the biopsy core that the majority of the cancer was a 4 and the second most defined cancer was also a 4.  They add that up to 4+4=8.  As you can see by the chart below that it is aggressive.

G scores

Okay.  Time to read more. I needed to get my diagnosis to my primary Kaiser doctor.