Treatment Timeline

Dr. Lam and I mapped out a treatment plan and rough timeline. Here is what will happen and when.  Knowing that my cancer is high risk, starting sooner than later is the best option.

12-3-2015:  Get Bone Scan (Last Check to See if Cancer has spread) and Bone Density Test (Obtain Baseline so we can manage bone density while on hormone therapy).

12-4-2015: Start Casodex, non-steroidal androgen receptor inhibitor (Part of Hormone Therapy) 1 pill a day. Add the following to my diet during hormone therapy: 1,200 mg of Calcium – 2,000 mg of Vitamin D and Magnesium – 30 mg of Lycopene. – 315 mg of Green Tea Extract – 500 mg of Vitamin C.

12-10-2015: Get 1st Lupron Shot (Hormone Therapy).

12-23-2015:  Planning session at UCLA with Dr. Kamrava for HDR Brachytherapy.

1-11-2016:  2nd Lupron Shot.

2-8-2016:  3rd Lupron Shot.

2-16-2016:  UCLA pre-operative appointment for EKG, Chest Xray, blood work and medical release for HDR Brachy.

2-29-2016 & 3-1-2016:  High Dose Radiation Brachytherapy (HDR Brachy) at UCLA. 2 cycles (fractions) 1 each day by Dr. Mitchell Kamrava.

3-8-2016: 4th Lupron Shot.  Also received an Intravenous dose of Zometa to prevent bone density loss.

3-9-2016:  CT scan, Air Bean Bag Pants and IMRT tattoos done.

3-24-2016: Start Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT aka EBRT) at Cabrillo Radiation Oncology Medical Center (Community Memorial Hospital Center Campus) by Dr. Thomas Fogel.

4-7-2016: 5th Lupron Shot Scheduled.

5-5-2016: 6th Lupron Shot Scheduled. 28 days of radiation over.

6-2-2016: 7th Lupron Shot Scheduled. Plan out Chemo Therapy.

7-6-2016: 8th Lupron Shot – Will be a 3 month dose.  Start Chemo #1.

7-27-2016: Chemo Treatment #2.

8-17-2016: Chemo Treatment #3. (Last Chemo due to Radiation Issues). 9th Lupron Shot.

9-7-2016: 2nd I.V. of Zometa.

10-4-2016: 10th Lupron Shot Scheduled.

11-1-2016: 11th Lupron Shot Scheduled.

12-28-2016: 12th Lupron Shot Scheduled.

1-31-2017: 13th Lupron Shot Scheduled.

2-28-2017: 14th Lupron Shot Scheduled.

3-30-2017: 15th Lupron Shot Scheduled.

4-28-2017: 16th Lupron Shot Scheduled.

5-30-2017: 17th Lupron Shot. Hormone Therapy treatment ends. Monitor PSA every 3 months.